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JourneyWork Sessions

"I want to thank you for providing such a healthy environment & guiding us gently in our search of who we are, why we are here, and how to take care of ourselves.  It is like therapy in its purest form."

I bring not only my gifts as an intuitive to our time together, but my skills as a clinical therapist, and my experience as a spiritual guide and teacher.

It's therapy outside of the box... 
life coaching on steroids... 
spiritual questing with a practical bent...
And something different than all of these...


helping you to balance, own your priorities, and manifest a range of options you've never experienced before that match your deepest heart.

* JW has a no refund policy. 
Exchange or reschedule only within 3 months.

Among other techniques we will use talk, sleepwork, past life retrieval, behavioral strategies, action plans, journaling, guided visualization, more.

In addition, you'll take home tips to assist you to practice your session benefits in your daily life.
$90 in Person / $75 via Phone or Skype