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“With you and other peoples again and again life has only recently been enriched with letters and all the other necessaries of civilization when once more, after the usual period of years, the torrents of heaven sweep down like a pestilence leaving only the rude and unlettered among you.   And so you start again like children, knowing nothing of what existed in ancient times, here or in your own country.”



I first met Noah in 1980 in a ‘channeling’ experiment with a friend that inferred that Noah and I shared something in common.  I forgot about the encounter for several years and then one day started having images, dreams, and emotions which I sensed were his.  Over the years our journeys became intertwined, each of us learning from the other to become more complete.  For me, Noah is powerfully real and family in the closest sense.  Ultimately it doesn’t matter if you take this work as a metaphor for America, a fact based novel, a primer in spiritual teachings, or just total fantasy.  I trust that you will get what you need from it.  I certainly got more than I expected from writing it and am forever changed and grateful. 




It’s less than a year till the end of Atlantis, a fact evident to only some of its citizens.  Their lack of understanding about their actions and their technology has contributed to the very forces that will destroy the most advanced civilization ever to exist on this planet, as well as affect the planet herself. 

Noah, his wife Na’ahmah, his sons Japheth, Shem, and Hamm, and his priestess daughter Gaea, the Head of the School of the Healing Arts and Sciences, must spirit away as many people, indigenous animals and plants, archives and healing devices as possible from this doomed land.   

The clandestine project has as its most challenging task the removal of the central document called the Covenant upon which Atlantis was founded hundreds of years earlier.   Arrangements don’t go as planned and Gaea and her family have difficult choices to make.   The result of those choices radically changes the future, and has implications for today’s world.   

Many contributed to the fall of great Atlantis.  Scientists pushed the boundaries of reasonable ecological risk, politicians withheld information that might have stimulated more citizens to relocate before the final catastrophe, ordinary people could have chosen to stay informed and hold their leaders accountable for fostering global well-being. 

It was shared with me by my Family of Master Teachers that many Atlantians have reincarnated in large groups, first as Romans, and now as Americans.  We continue to struggle to exercise responsibility and vision with our immense power and influence, especially during times of significant planetary upheaval. 

I’m confident that we’ll rise to the occasion, though at what cost remains to be seen. 

The Covenant is as relevant today as it was almost 11,000 years ago in Noah’s world.                                                      (copyright 2009)

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